Your Trip. Your Itinerary.

Make your Own.

Research Less

Spend your time travelling more, eating good food, taking pictures and meeting new friends.

Travel More

We cover as much as we can, eating as much as we could. Everything to create the perfect itinerary for you

Worry Free

At your service from start to finish.
Advice right at your fingertips

How Does This Work?

Enough with the researching. You've already spent enough time searching for the best accommodations and the cheapest flight tickets. Do you really want to spend another ten hours searching for what to do and what to eat?
Let us do the researching for you so you can enjoy more!

Give Us Your Details

Let us know of your arrival and departure dates, where you are staying, how long you will be staying in the city and the attractions you are planning to see. Let us take care of the rest.

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Receive Your Itinerary

Receive your perfectly planned itinerary with all necessary information in which you receive the order in which you should proceed on your trip, the public transport you should take as well as the budget you need to prepare for your upcoming trip.

Continuous Support

Changed your accommodation details? Flight delayed? Deciding to add one more attraction to your itinerary at the last minute? Rest easy. We will be there to help you make the necessary changes to your itinerary as soon as possible. Send us an email and it's done.

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All Itineraries include

Accurate opening hours of attractions and restaurants means you will always get to where you want to go when it's open.
No wasted trips!

Estimated time required for every attraction you plan to visit so you have a better overview of your holiday schedule.

All itineraries are divided into
Morning (10am - 12pm),
Early Afternoon (1pm - 3pm),
Late Afternoon (3pm - 6pm) and
Evening (6pm to 10pm)
which means you can start your trip at any time and still follow through!

Complete subway information so you know exactly which line to take, in which direction and for how many stops before you reach your attraction. No looking at subway maps for 15 minutes trying to get sense of a foreign subway map.

Visit your attractions in a logical order to save time and money on your travels. We show you the most effective and shortest route to your attractions for your whole trip.

Highly personalised Itineraries that work for you. You choose the attractions and places you want to go. Let us guide you there.

Our Pricing

Standard Itinerary

2 - 7 Days

FREE (First 2 Days)

  • Daily Public transport guide
  • Order of attractions to visit
  • Budget for your entire trip
Try Now, Free!

Traveller Itinerary

2 - 7 Days

USD 27

  • Everything from the Standard Itinerary

  • Daily Google Map Directions
  • Cafes/ Restaurants to visit
  • Unlimited Changes
Buy for 27 USD

Explorer Itinerary

≥ 8 Days

USD 47

  • Everything from the Traveller Itinerary

  • Daytrips out of your city
  • Multiple Cities
  • Lifetime Access to your selected Cities
Buy for 47 USD

City Guides

Still want to research on your city? Find out everything you need to know on the city you are about to visit. No fluff and full of information on a need-to-know basis. It's also what our team uses to plan for your trip. Feel free to download the research materials.


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